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We trust that these little ones will live full and happy lives. Initially, we were concerned about the two youngest boys, Charlie (10 year s)and Jonno (9 years), as they came to Rainbow House with little if any education, but at the end of this school year (May 2013), Charlie took first place overall with honours and Jonno came third in their respective classes! Thanks to one of our supporters we were able to by the children a second-hand television and DVD player for restricted use on the weekends. They were so delighted! Our long term plan remains the same; We want to move the children from the second floor of the warehouse to their own permanent private home. We will also explore the possibilities for adoption and fostering in the next few years. We are in the process of taking another two children. are many, many orphans in Iligan and the surrounding regions who would like a place at RH. Thanks to all of you who support these children. We would ask you to please share the news of the Rainbow kids with your family and friends, increased support is desperately needed for these precious ones.

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W e l l,  R a i n b o w  H o u s e celebrates its first birthday in July 2013. It’s hard to b e l i e v e that it was almost a year ago when ten children came to start their new lives at Rainbow House; the first official orphanage in Iligan City and surrounding areas.The three permanent staff and part-time social worker are all doing an amazing job at raising and loving the Rainbow Kids, providing a warm and friendly, family-like environment. In theory we can accommodate another 8 children (including the 8 we already have) but our monthly income is not adequate at the present time. A typical day for the rainbow Kids starts at 4.30am, when they get up to do their morning chores, eat breakfast and have a group time. At around 6.30am the children leave for their different schools and return home after 4.00pm. They are all doing well in their studies. Eric, 17, the eldest of the Rainbow Kids will graduate High School this year and is hoping to attend a Vocational College! During the past few months two children have been reunited with relatives.

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